Using the Building – OHIO University Libraries
  • How Do I Reserve a Group Study Room Using the Mobile App?

    You can reserve a study room in Alden Library using our mobile app.  If you are unable to view this video, try accessing the video from YouTube. This video is released under Creative Commons license. You are welcome to use, redistribute, or remix it in any way you like, as long as you attribute us … Continued

  • How do I reserve a study room?

    The library has group study rooms on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors that can be scheduled by Ohio University faculty, staff, and students.  To reserve a room, please visit the study room reservation system. Before reserving a room, read the study room policies. The video below demonstrates how to reserve a room. If you … Continued

  • Does the library have any color copiers?

    The library does not have any color copiers, but we do have color printers on the 2nd floor and the 4th floor of Alden.  You can scan your document using one of the library’s scanners, and then print the document to a color printer.  For more information, please visit the page about printing.

  • Where can I get help with microfilm, microforms, and microfiche?

    Many older magazines, newspapers, and other documents are often kept on microform.  If you need help finding, using, scanning, or printing microforms and microfiche, the first floor staff is available to assist users in locating and using these materials.  A map of the microforms area is available here. 

  • Where can I get a refund from the vending machine?

    If a vending machine has taken your money without a can of soda in return, you can get a refund at Bobcat Essentials in Baker Center.

  • Is it possible to access the stacks, study spaces on closed floors, or the Faculty Commons when only the 2nd or 4th floor is open?

    When the 2nd and/or 4th floors are open and the other floors of Alden are closed, service desk staff will retrieve known items from other floors for you to check out. Take the title and call number for an available item to either the 2nd or 4th floor service desks. Also, Ohio University graduate students, HTC … Continued

  • Does the library have lockers available to store my belongings?

    Lockers are located on the 7th floor of Alden Library and in the Learning Commons on the 2nd floor. Locker keys can be checked out free of charge. There is a limited amount of lockers so visit the Circulation desk on the 4th floor to check on availability. Alden Library also has charging lockers located … Continued

  • Where can I send a fax?

    There is a fax machine in the Learning Commons (2nd floor). It is located on the low counter at the service desk. It is for sending faxes only, not for receiving them. If you need to receive a fax, check with the local commercial copy services (such as FedEx/Kinko’s 743 E. State St.) to see if … Continued

  • How do I reserve a room in the Faculty Commons (3rd Floor Alden)?

    Faculty and staff can view and reserve rooms in the Faculty Commons by using your Outlook Calendar or signing in to the Web interface. The rooms are listed in the calendar under “Alden Library 301E Conference Room,” “Alden Library 301F Conference Room” and “Alden Library 301U Conference Room.” Rooms E & F comfortably hold 6-8 … Continued

  • Where is a quiet place to study in the library?

    Designated quiet study areas are located on the 1st, 3rd and 5th floors. These areas are for patrons who wish to study without talking or interrupting others. Specifically, the 5th Floor Government Documents is known as a “deep quiet” area, where no talking is allowed. As a matter of fact, the 5th Floor was selected … Continued