Technology – Page 4 – OHIO University Libraries
  • Why is my Bobcat Cash balance zero or less than I think it should be?

    Did you add Bobcat Cash using CashNet/MyOhio or by visiting the Bursar’s Office at Chubb Hall? Cash added via these methods does not become available until at least the next business day. To make Bobcat Cash available instantly, add it online at, or via the Value Transfer Station machine on the 2nd Floor of Alden … Continued

  • Where can I make photocopies?

    Photocopying has been replaced by Scan to Print. See Scan to Print for more information.

  • Can I install software on the Libraries computers?

    Due to maintenance and security considerations, additional software cannot be installed on most Libraries public computers. However, one laptop is available for installation of student/faculty/staff owned software. Software will be installed temporarily. Once the laptop is shut down and restarted, the software will be deleted. Please ask to check-out Laptop #1 if you need this … Continued

  • Does the library have any color copiers?

    The library does not have any color copiers, but we do have color printers on the 2nd floor and the 4th floor of Alden.  You can scan your document using one of the library’s scanners, and then print the document to a color printer.  For more information, please visit the page about printing.

  • How much does it cost to print at the library?

    For page rates, see Printing.

  • How do I print from my own laptop?

    If you’re paying for printing with Bobcat Cash, you can use mobile printing to send documents to the printers from any device with a web browser. In addition, anyone can install the Libraries printers on their personal Windows or Mac computer. See Printing for details.

  • Where can I print a poster?

    If you want to print a poster, contact Printing and Graphic Services (740-593-1930).

  • Does the library have copies of Microsoft Office or other software, that I can check out for free?

    Unfortunately, the library does not have copies of Microsoft Office products that students may checkout for free. For current information about acquiring Microsoft products or other software, visit the Office of Information Technology’s software page.

  • Where do I find the template for formatting my dissertation or thesis?

    The Ohio University Graduate College has a website with templates for each of the colleges.