Printing – OHIO University Libraries
  • Can I print on my own paper?

    Please use the paper supplied in the Libraries printers. The printers are not set up to handle alternate paper sizes, and Libraries staff may not be able to determine whether different paper stocks could cause jams or other problems.

  • Can I see my past printing activity and charges?

    If you’re using Bobcat Cash, you can see your past printing activity under the “Activity” tab in My Print Center. If you’re using a Guest Printing Card, you’ll need to register your card in the Print Card Management Portal in order to track and view your activity.

  • Why won’t the print release station accept my OHIO ID?

    There are several possible reasons. If you just got a new OHIO ID card less than one hour ago, your card may not yet be activated for printing. If you’re using an OHIO ID card that you previously reported as lost or stolen, that card will have been deactivated to prevent others from using it … Continued

  • Why doesn’t my print job appear in my queue at the printer?

    When sending a print job from a computer, make sure you enter your OHIO ID or Guest Printing Card number into a dialog box on the computer’s screen. Then, wait a few seconds for a second dialog box to appear, allowing you to OK the cost of the print job and send it to your … Continued

  • Why didn’t my document print?

    There are several possible reasons. To print your document, you need to release it by swiping your OHIO ID or Guest Printing Card at the release station positioned next to the printer. If you’ve done that and the document still hasn’t printed, the small screen on the printer itself (as opposed to the release station … Continued

  • Why did my document print with blank pages (missing areas, wrong layout…?)

    For layout problems (such as printing in landscape when you wanted portrait), please check the settings in the application you printed from. A common cause of documents printing incorrectly is printing directly from Blackboard or other web sites that don’t really support printing. If you’re trying to print a PDF, Word, PowerPoint or other document … Continued

  • Why is my Bobcat Cash balance zero or less than I think it should be?

    Did you add Bobcat Cash using CashNet/MyOhio or by visiting the Bursar’s Office at Chubb Hall? Cash added via these methods does not become available until at least the next business day. To make Bobcat Cash available instantly, add it online at, or via the Value Transfer Station machine on the 2nd Floor of Alden … Continued

  • How much does it cost to print at the library?

    For page rates, see Printing.

  • How do I print from my own laptop?

    If you’re paying for printing with Bobcat Cash, you can use mobile printing to send documents to the printers from any device with a web browser. In addition, anyone can install the Libraries printers on their personal Windows or Mac computer. See Printing for details.

  • Where can I print a poster?

    If you want to print a poster, contact Printing and Graphic Services (740-593-1930).