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  • How do I Bookmark or Share Links to Articles from Library Databases?

    Persistent or Permanent Links To share or bookmark a link to specific resource within a library database, you will want to use what is called a persistent link rather than using the link from your browser’s address bar. The location of this persistent link (often referred to as a permanent or permalink) will vary by … Continued

  • How do I search PubMed more effectively?

    PubMed is one of the best places to search for anything health and medical related. It is a big place with lots of articles so here are some tips to navigate and be more effective: Understand that PubMed has a built-in categories list (MeSH = Medical Subject Headings) that organizes all of the articles in … Continued

  • How do I find qualitative and quantitative nursing articles?

    Key Tips: Qualitative Research- used to explore and understand people’s beliefs, experiences, attitudes, behavior and interactions perhaps through focus groups or in-depth interviews. It generates non- numerical data, ex. a patient’s description of their pain rather than a measure of pain. Often a case study, a survey, or interview Quantitative Research- generates numerical data or … Continued

  • How does the ALICE Catalog’s advanced subject search work?

    Sample Subject Searches This kind of search uses standardized words and phrases, from the Library of Congress, to describe the contents of items in ALICE. By doing Subject searches, you can often get more relevant results than you can from Keyword searches. A topic sports medicine Subject terms can have subdivisions, with or without punctuation: … Continued

  • How does the ALICE Catalog’s advanced title search work?

    Sample Title Searches A book Use as much of the title as you know: Gone with the wind Entering a partial title, such as just Gone with, will find all items whose title begins with those words: Gone with honor, Gone with the Windsors, etc. A periodical title journal of canadian studies newsweek new york times … Continued

  • How does the ALICE Catalog’s advanced periodical title search work?

    Sample Periodical Title Searches Use this kind of search when you know the exact titles of magazines, journals, newspapers, annuals, and other publications that are issued at regular intervals—online, print, and microform. Do not use it for books published in a series; use a simple Title Search instead. A magazine Time National Geographic A scholarly … Continued

  • How do I find a specific journal through the library website?

    If you want to search multiple journals at the same time, ArticlesPlus or a subject database is the way to go. But what if you want to search one specific journal? This video will show you how to search for specific e-journals using ALICE, the library catalog. If you are unable to view this video, … Continued

  • How do I find who has cited an article using Google Scholar?

    Want to find out who has cited an article or book? This is called “cited reference searching” and this video will show you how to do it using Google Scholar. Be sure to also check out how to find the full text through Google Scholar from off campus. If you are unable to view this … Continued

  • How do I access full text from ERIC?

    The Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) has disabled access to many of their ERIC documents. For more information on the issues involved in the availability of full-text, click here. If you would like to get access to an ERIC document, fill out an Interlibrary loan–ILLIAD request and Alden Library will try to locate a copy … Continued

  • How Do I Find Articles in JSTOR?

    The JSTOR database stores the back issues of many journal titles. This video shows you how to get started searching for articles in JSTOR. If you are looking more current content, we recommend that you take a look at ArticlesPlus (the big search box on the Libraries home page) or a database specific to your … Continued

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