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  • How do I cite Data in APA?

    Citing data isn’t too clear in the APA manual, so here are directions from the APA Style Blog! Reference Example w/ DOI: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Office of Applied Studies. (2013).            Treatment episode data set — discharges (TEDS-D) — concatenated, … Continued

  • Citing a video in APA style

    The general format is as follows: Author, A. A. [Screen name]. (year, month day). Title of video. [Video file]. Retrieved from http://xxxxx Sometimes you will not have an author, just a screen name and that’s fine. If that is the case then do not put the screen name in brackets and use that as the … Continued

  • How do I save my Plagiarism Tutorial results as a PDF?

    Click “Print Results” within tutorial and type in your name. From your full results page (which should be in a browser) select your setting/preferences menu and select “Print”. Instead of sending your results to a printer, in the drop-down menu, choose Adobe PDF (for mac users, this will be at the bottom of the print … Continued

  • How do I find a source I know I need to cite? I lost it and/or cannot find the original…

    Ask a librarian! We are happy to help you track down a resource; we are pretty good at it too! Also, it doesn’t hurt to copy and paste a quote or sentence from the source you are trying to re-find into Google and see if your article (or book, etc.) will pop up. Google can … Continued

  • I found a quote on a website that I want to use, but the website says they got the quote from a book, should I reference the website or the book for this quote?

    You should reference the original source, which in this case would be the book. It was not the website’s idea or creation (that quote) so you want to give proper credit to that original author.

  • How would I cite a theory to make sure I am not plagiarizing?

    You would cite the author or owner of the theory the same way you would any other source, with an in-text citation as well as a full bibliographic reference in your reference list/location.

  • Can I submit the same work for two different classes?

    This is something you will need to double check with BOTH of your professors. If they are both okay with you submitting the same paper, then you are fine. However, if you do not receive a response for approval, this is plagiarism.

  • If I accidentally write something that someone else has already written, is that plagiarism?

    Technically, yes but it happens. Even if you did not realize your plagiarizing you can still have some consequences.

  • If I cite a source, can I still be accused of plagiarism?

    As long as the source is cited correctly, you should be just fine. Please make sure that your citations and references are correct so you are giving proper credit.

  • Do I have to cite sources for every fact I use in the paper?

    No you do not need to cite every fact. Facts that are common knowledge, things that nearly everyone knows, you do not need to cite.

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