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  • How do I get to course reserves for my class?

    Professors and instructors will often place items on “reserve” at the library.  These reserve items can be either print (hard copy) or online (pdf) files.  To find items for your class, search by class or instructor. Sample Course Reserves Searches Course Number Enter the abbreviated course number or department name: Eng 151 TCOM 430 S … Continued

  • How does the ALICE Catalog’s advanced subject search work?

    Sample Subject Searches This kind of search uses standardized words and phrases, from the Library of Congress, to describe the contents of items in ALICE. By doing Subject searches, you can often get more relevant results than you can from Keyword searches. A topic sports medicine Subject terms can have subdivisions, with or without punctuation: … Continued

  • How does the ALICE Catalog’s advanced title search work?

    Sample Title Searches A book Use as much of the title as you know: Gone with the wind Entering a partial title, such as just Gone with, will find all items whose title begins with those words: Gone with honor, Gone with the Windsors, etc. A periodical title journal of canadian studies newsweek new york times … Continued

  • How does the ALICE Catalog’s advanced keyword search work?

    Subject Explanation Examples All Words (Boolean “AND”) Find records that contain all of your search terms. Unless you specify otherwise (see options below), ALICE will attempt to find all the words in your search. China trade Either Word (Boolean “OR”) Use “or” to find either word. hurricanes or typhoons Phrase Searching Use quotation marks to … Continued

  • How does the ALICE Catalog’s advanced author search work?

    Sample Author/Creator Searches A person Use as much of the name as you know, last name first: shakespeare shakespeare w shakespeare william Besides writers, you can search for artists, composers, directors, etc. picasso beethoven spielberg If you want books by a particular person, use the Author search. If you want to see books that other … Continued

  • How does the ALICE Catalog’s advanced periodical title search work?

    Sample Periodical Title Searches Use this kind of search when you know the exact titles of magazines, journals, newspapers, annuals, and other publications that are issued at regular intervals—online, print, and microform. Do not use it for books published in a series; use a simple Title Search instead. A magazine Time National Geographic A scholarly … Continued

  • How Do I Access the AP Stylebook?

    The Libraries subscribe to an online version of the Associated Press Stylebook, which allows up to 100 users to access the Stylebook simultaneously. The online version of the AP Stylebook is updated throughout the year. You can also find the most recent paper version of the Stylebook at the 2nd floor Reference Desk. If you use … Continued

  • Do you have study guides for the GRE, TOEFL, MCAT, LSAT, etc?

    Alden library has access to a collection of online tests and test preparation materials you can take via the Testing & Education Reference Center. There are also test preparation books that are available at Alden. To find the most recent book the library owns you should run a search for that test in ALICE (e.g., GRE, MCAT, … Continued

  • How Do I Find a Book When I Have a Title?

    If you know the title of the book you need, you can search by that title in ALICE, the library catalog. This video also shows you how to request the book from OhioLINK if it’s not available from the Ohio University Libraries. If you are unable to view this video, try accessing the video from … Continued

  • How do I put a hold on a book that is checked out, so I get it next?

    If one of our books, meaning a book owned by OU or a branch of OU, is checked out you should try to request it through OhioLINK. Either search the OhioLINK Catalog directly or from your ALICE Catalog search Click the “Search OhioLINK” button on the right side of the page (see image to the … Continued