Zack’s Equity Reports

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Zack’s Equity Reports (stock reports) offer 6-7 page analysis of companies, including things like buy/sell/hold recommendations, reasons to buy, reasons to sell, and a good amount of analysis for reach company.

  • Connect to:  Zack’s Equity Reports Subscription Database
  • Note that the link above will take you to the Analyst Reports section of LexisNexis academic. The video below demonstrates how to find the Zack’s reports from there.
  • Access information:  All Ohio University Campuses
  • Zack’s Equity Reports are regularly updated stock reports that provide company analysis for investors.
  • Students and researchers can use these reports to get a better understanding of their company in the overall marketplace, and see what analysts are saying about a company’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • These reports include revenue forecasts.

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