How to Find Earnings Conference Call Transcripts in Nexi Uni (Lexis-Nexis)

Like a post-game press conference with a coach talking about the successes and failures of his team, public companies also discuss their successes, earnings, initiatives, and failures with analysts. These quarterly earnings conference calls are recorded as print transcripts, and can be found in Nexis Uni (formerly Lexis-Nexis Academic).

How to Find S&P (and other) Stock Reports in Investext

S&P Stock Reports are a favorite of many business researchers when looking for concise, up-to-date analysis of a company. This video demonstrates how to find those reports, as well and other stock/equity reports, in Investext via the Mergent Online database.

How to find MarketLine reports in Investext

MarketLine reports give a good introduction to a company, and can be especially useful for novice business researchers. The reports contain financial information, executive biographies, SWOT Analysis, and more. This video demonstrates how to find the reports in Investext, using the Mergent Online database.

Business Research Brief: Find Entrepreneurship Grants using Foundation Directory

This Business Research Brief quick video shows how to find entrepreneurship grants using a resource called the Foundation Directory. In this example, I am looking for grants awarded to colleges and universities in Ohio, pertaining to the area of entrepreneurship. Foundation Directory is a subscription database, so if you are not affiliated with Ohio University, … Continued

5 Quick Tips for Researching the Beauty & Personal Care Industry

This video demonstrates how to find key industry, marketing, and consumer information for the Beauty & Personal Care industry, using essential resource such as Passport, WARC, Mintel, Business Source Complete, and Statista. Don’t limit your research to just one database; make sure you are casting a wide net in finding key information.

How to find restaurant customers by brand and location in SimplyMap

This video demonstrates how to find customers of a specific restaurant brand by location. You can use this data to better understand where you could feasibly open a new (or similar) restaurant based upon consumer demand. The video also demonstrates how to find the addresses of restaurant locations within the specific market region.

Understanding Demographics of Restaurant Consumers with Simmons Oneview

This video demonstrates how to use Simmons Oneview to gather an understanding of customers of specific restaurant brands. The data includes household income, race, ethnicity, education level, gender, and more. Simmons is an idea resource when trying to identify your target consumer of a particular product or brand.

Find essential company information quickly in Mergent Online

This video demonstrates how to quickly find the most-useful information in Mergent Online. In Mergent you can find historical company financial information, compare company competitors, understand buyer and supplier information, gather expert opinion via stock and equity reports, and much more.

Finding market research reports and statistics for automobiles and car audio in India

Euromonitor’s Passport database provides some essential information for understanding an international automobile and car audio market, such as India. Data available includes passenger vehicle sales, total kilometers driven each year, new vehicle registrations by country, as well as market research reports. This video demonstrates how to find that information.

How to find U.S. organic food consumption by state using SimplyMap

This video demonstrates how to use SimplyMap to get projections from Simmons Market Research about how many people in each state eat organic food. The data also shows what types of organic foods are eaten by state, and the video details how to compare states using the data. SimplyMap is a subscription database; if you … Continued

Using Market Research to determine if your town will support a Target

This video demonstrates how to use Mediamark Reporter and Census information to determine if your town can support a Target store.  Mediamark will give you a variety of demographic characteristics, including age, educational attainment, household income, family size, and much more. You can then compare these national trends with your local market using Census information.  … Continued

How to find industry analysis and industry reports for the automobile industry

If you are analyzing the automobile industry, you will want to look at several different resources to get a good understanding of the industry trends, outlook, and key issues. This video demonstrates how to find industry analysis information from sources such as Passport GMID, Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage, Mergent Online, and Onesource.

How to compare company financial ratios in Research Insight (Compustat)

Note: Ohio University Libraries no longer subscribes to Research Insight. I left this video up to help others who may still have access. Ohio University student researchers can use Mergent Online to find similar ratio information. Faculty needing Compustat data should use WRDS, available via the College of Business. This video demonstrates how to compare … Continued

How to find industry trends and analysis for the Wired Telecommunications Industry

This video demonstrates the  top picks for researching the wired telecommunications industry in the U.S.  Resources demonstrated include Plunkett Research Online, First Research, IbisWorld, Passport GMID, S&P NetAdvantage, Mergent Online, and Business Source Complete.  The resources mentioned in this video are discussed in more detail on the Telecommunications Industry Guide.

How to find local restaurant market information in SimplyMap

If you are looking to open a new restaurant, you can never have too much information about your local market. This video demonstrates how to find local restaurant market information such as dining frequency, business counts, consumer expenditure, food retail index, and more in SimplyMap.

A quick overview of Alden’s new home page

Alden Library just launched a new website and you may be wondering “where’s InfoTree?”, “what’s this Articles Plus thing,” or “where can I find books or a specific journal title?”. This video highlights the powerful new search options that allow you to find information quickly.

How I make instructional videos for the Business Blog

I often get questions about how I make the videos on this site, so I put together a short instructional video on the process. This video shows the basics of making library instructional (or other educational) videos and screencasts. The video discusses the inexpensive equipment and software needed, and shows how to make a video … Continued

How to find information for your PEST analysis with Passport GMID

When you are doing a PEST analysis, you will want to look at a variety of factors affecting the Political, Economic, Social, and Technological environment around your industry. This video demonstrates how to use Passport GMID to find risk, vulnerabilities, and more for the U.S. market. The information presented does not pertain to any particular … Continued

How to find coffee consumption (and more!) by location in SimplyMap

Ohio University business cluster students are working on a feasability study of opening a coffee/crepe/smoothie store in Athens, Ohio. This video demonstrates how to find relevant product consumption information in Athens, as well as other locations. While SimplyMap/Simmons does not contain information specifically on crepe or smoothie consumption, you can find good, relevant information if … Continued

How to find demographic information about NASCAR (and other sports) fans

This video demonstrates how to find demographics of NASCAR fans using the Mediamark Reporter database. With this resource, you can find a lot of really useful information about the fan market, such as age, income level, home value, race, magazine readership, television viewership, and much more. You can also use this database to look for … Continued

How to find stock reports in Onesource

If you are looking for investment information or analyzing a company, you will definitely want to look at stock reports. While SP may be the first choice that many go to when looking for stock reports, it helps to have a well-rounded view of your company. This video shows you how to find up to … Continued

How to find a SWOT analysis in OneSource

If you are looking for a SWOT analysis to understand your company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, one of the simplest resources to use is OneSource. This video demonstrates how to quickly find a SWOT analysis for most major companies.

How to research the sports and fitness apparel market

  Several BA470 students are currently researching Under Armour, Adidas, and the sports apparel industry. This video highlights some key tools to use in their research. Note that while the examples use “Under Armour”, the same searches will also work with Adidas. The resources discussed in the video are linked below: OneSource Mintel Oxygen NetAdvantage … Continued

How to Find Sports Participation and Marketing Information in SBRNet

SBRNet is a great tool to use when researching a sports fan market, the sporting goods market, or to understand trends in sports participation. This video demonstrates how to find this information in the Sports Business Research Network (SBRNet) database. Filmed in front of Peden Stadium, home of the Ohio University Bobcats.

How to Find Sports Law Journals on Your Topic

This video demonstrates how to find sports law journals on a variety of topics using the HeinOnline database. Connect to: HeinOnline  My video is a touch out of date with a recent interface change, but the principles still work. Once you get to the database, Click Law Journal Library Next, click Browse by Subject Find … Continued

How to find U.S. Industrial Reports in Passport GMID

This video demonstrates how to find the 177 U.S. industrial research reports in Passport GMID. When doing industry research, these reports compliment the reports from IbisWorld and Standard & Poor’s very well.

How to find Sports Interest/Participation Information in SimplyMap

This video demonstrates how to find the percentage of people in a particular area who are interested (or not) in watching or attending professional sports. The database demonstrated is called SimplyMap. This video uses the NFL as an example but the same search can be performed for a variety of other variables.