Video Game Industry Research Guide


This guide contains some great resources for the industry,

This purpose of this guide is to point researchers to some of the best resources when researching the video games industry.  This guide is not meant to be comprehensive, but simply point researchers to some of the best resources available.  The content of this guide will be updated as new resources are found.  This guide was originally developed for the Spring 2011 Business Clusters.

Start here first

Some of the best information on the video games industry can be found in  Mintel Oxygen, Passport GMID, Mediamark Reporter, and Business Source Complete .

This video playlist, available on YouTube, demonstrates how best to use these resources.


While some of the best information can be found in the databases mentioned in the videos above, I strongly suggest you look at the resources listed below as well.

Plunkett Research Online

While Plunkett Research Online does not cover the video game industry directly, you will find some really useful information in the Entertainment & Media Industry Research Center.

Mintel Oxygen

In addition to looking at the report in Mintel Oxygen mentioned in the video above, you will also want to look at reports in the Lifestyle section of Mintel.  There you will find numerous reports about how people are spending their money on entertainment.

Electronic Software Association

The Electronic Software Association has lots of statistics and reports about the industry.


Use Factiva to look for articles about the video game industry or companies in the industry. You can also use Factiva to get a really good list of the major players/companies in the industry.  This video shows you how.

Lexis Nexis

LexisNexis is another great place to look for articles about the industry.

Nielsen Wire

While we don’t have access to full Nielsen data, occasionally you can find some really good information on the Nielsen Wire blog.  A search there for video games yields some good, brief reports.


IbisWorld contains reports on the video game industry.  Please use caution to  make sure you do not overuse the information in IbisWorld.

Company Filings

Company Filings, specifically 10-K reports, can address some of the risk factors associated with an industry.  You can find a risk factor section for the public companies in the video game industry by looking at their 10-K reports.  As an example, take a look at what Electronic Arts identifies as risk factors.

Mergent Online

You can use Mergent Online to compare companies in your industry. By using Mergent, you can collect data that you can then use to calculate industry averages.  This video shows you how.

Citing Your Sources

If you need help this page gives you examples of how to cite business databases.



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