Value Line Investment Survey

Value Line may look old-school, but it's still a highly regarded resource.

Value Line is an essential source to use when analyzing a company or equity, or comparing peers in a specific industry.

  • Format: Reference Book
  • Location: Ask for it at the desk on the second floor of Alden Library
    • Ref. HG4501 V26 , Alden 2nd Floor Desk; Library retains current issues only
  • Link to The Value Line Investment Survey in the ALICE Online Catalog.

Parts I (Summary and Index) and III (Ratings and Reports) are kept in one large loose-leaf binder, while Part II (Selection and Opinion) is kept separately in another binder. In Parts I and III, approximately 1,700 stocks in over 95 industries are reported on and analyzed by this service. Each company’s report is revised quarterly. Part II includes views on business and the economic outlook, advice on investment policy, and information on one or more highlighted stocks.

  • For each company, Value Line will give the following information:
    • beta
    • timeliness
    • safety
    • technical
    • financial information (historical and forecasts)
    • business description and anlaysis
    • one-page industry analysis

Note: When using the Value Line Investment Survey, be sure to consult the index at the front of the publication. The reports in Value Line are not necessarily in logical alphabetical order.

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