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TradeStats Express is a great resource to use when you need to measure value  of  U.S.  imports and exports.  The database contains data back to 1989, and as recently as the previous economic quarter.  The database can retrieve import/export values for specific industries by NAICS code, and allow for limiting by country as well.

The TradeStats Express database contains two sections: National Trade Data and State Export Data.

The National Trade Data section contains:

  • Global Patterns of U.S. Merchandise Trade (example: U.S. Chemical Exports and Imports for All Countries)
  • Product Profiles of U.S. Merchandise Trade with a Selected Market (example: All Products Traded Between the United States and United Kingdom.

The State Export Data contains:

  • Global Patterns of a State’s Exports(example: Exports from Texas to each country)
  • State-by-State Exports to a Selected Market(example: Exports to Ireland from each state)
  • Export Product Profile to a Selected Market (example: Products from Texas to Iceland)

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