Tips for conducting market research about art consumers

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There is definitely an art to market research

I have a class of students who are working on a marketing plan for one of the local non-profit art establishments in Athens.  The resources on this post should help them get started to better understand the art consumer and effectively conduct some market and industry research.

Research Databases

Below are a few essential databases to use when trying to get a good grasp of the industry, market, and consumers.



A quick search in IbisWorld for “art,” “museums,” or “gallery” finds several relevant industry reports.  These reports will offer a broad overview to help you understand the industry in which the local art establishment operates.


First Research

First Research compliments the reports in IbisWorld nicely.  In First Research you will find industry reports for “Art Dealers & Galleries” as well as “Museums, Parks, and Zoos.”



Use Statista to find statistics on art galleries, museums, and more.  Be sure to check out the “Release” tab and the “Source Link” to find additional information.



Mintel contains market research reports that help you better understand consumers of specific product categories (for example, Arts & Crafts Consumers) as well as specific demographic groups (Moms, Dads, Millennials, Boomers, Affluent Consumers, etc.)


Article Databases

This sample search of Business Source Complete, Hospitality and Tourism Complete, and Art Full Text yields some good results from journals, magazines, and trade publications.  You can clear the search box and enter your own terms to find additional articles.


Simmons OneView

Use Simmons OneView to find demographics of people who visit museums or are interested in the arts.  Simmons can be a touch tricky to use, so consult this video for an example of how to use it.

  • To begin, use the Quick Reports to get a demographic profile of people who visit museums or who are interested in the arts.



You can use SimplyMap to show Simmons data (participation or interest in the arts) at the local level, as well as to gather local demographic and census information.


General Websites

There are several very good websites with statistics on arts spending and participation.  A few are listed below.


National Endowment for the Arts

The NEA has statistics on spending and participation in the arts.

Americans for the Arts

The Americans for the Arts Research Reports offer good information to better understand trends in impact, participation, funding, and more.

Association of Art Museum Directors

The AAMD releases an annual “Art Museums by the Numbers” report.


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