Tips for Basic Company Research (OPIE CS1)


The purpose of this guide is to provide suggestions for OPIE CS1 students who are doing basic company research. The guide lists many great resources for finding information in order to build a basic company profile.  The resources below will provide company background and history, SWOT analyses, company news, and information about competitors.

Video Tips

This video demonstrates how to use all of the resources found on this page.



If you know nothing about your company, Hoover’s is a wonderful place to start.  It is a great resource for basic company financial information, company histories, comparisons with competitors,


Use LexisNexis to find news about your company.  LexisNexis can also be used to find company financial information, as well as legal information (lawsuits) about your company.

Business Source Complete

Use Business Source Complete to find magazine and newspaper articles about your company.  You can also use Business Source Complete to find a SWOT analysis for many major companies.

Mergent Online

Mergent Online is a bit more advanced than either Hoover’s or LexisNexis, but don’t let that scare you away.  You can find a huge amount of company financial information, as well as equity (stock) reports for major companies.




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