The Sporting Goods Market

A great resource for consumer expenditure data on sporting goods

Based on consumer survey data, The Sporting Goods Market is a statistical study of retail purchase of sporting goods and recreational equipment.

Published by the National Sporting Goods Association,  this book provides information such as:

  • where consumers purchased sporting goods items
  • average price of items
  • total annual expenditure for the items
  • percent change over time
  • demographic distribution of sporting goods purchases (age, sex, household income, educational level, and geographic region)
  • In this book you will find data for more general sporting goods (such as baseball gloves) to more specific items (like heart rate monitors or fishing tackle).
  • The data is based on a survey of 100,000 U.S. households.  The book is published annually, and the Library owns copies back to the year 2000.

The images below are examples of the kind of information found in the book.

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