Where can I find international labor statistics?

If you’re looking for international labor statistics, including wages, number of employees, and more, then you should check out Europa World Plus and LABORISTA. This video demonstrates how to use the resources and what you will find.

Occupational Employment Statistics

Do you need to know how many librarians, doctors, lawyers, microbiologists, human resource officers, etc. are employed in the United States or a specific state?  If so, the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) database from the Bureau of Labor Statistics can likely give you what you are looking for.   The data includes the total number of … Continued

Book store employees average salary data

Book store employees average salary data

This morning I got a question via IM.  The patron needed to know statistics or figures about the wages/salaries of workers in the retail industry.  The first place I thought of was the Bureau of Labor Statistcs.  As it turns out, they have data on a variety of retail sectors, but I knew that the … Continued