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Simmons Oneview

Contains demographic information about users of specific consumer products including: what they use, income and educational level, what types of media they use, and more. … Continued

Athens, Ohio Quick Facts

The  State and County QuickFacts page of the U.S. Census Bureau provides some quick statistics for geographic areas.  This page links to the section for Athens, Ohio. Connect to:  Athens, Ohio Quick Facts (U.S. Census) Provides basic population, household, geography, and business statistics for Athens, Ohio. Also links to additional, more complex, data sets. Good … Continued

How to find demographic information about NASCAR (and other sports) fans

This video demonstrates how to find demographics of NASCAR fans using the Mediamark Reporter database. With this resource, you can find a lot of really useful information about the fan market, such as age, income level, home value, race, magazine readership, television viewership, and much more. You can also use this database to look for … Continued

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SimplyMap provides demographic, business, or marketing data from the state down to the local level, allowing users to create customized maps and reports with an almost unlimited number of variables. … Continued

American Factfinder

Do you need to know demographic, economic, or social characteristics of particular city, state, or county? American Factfinder provides and easy-to-use interface to help you retrieve the important U.S. Census information. … Continued

Ohio County Profiles

If you need demographic and economic data for Athens, or another Ohio county, Ohio County Profiles should be your first place to look. … Continued