OneSource is an excellent database for company profiles, industry and market research reports, SWOT analyses, analyst reports, and more. … Continued

Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage

Provides online access to a variety of company, industry, and country reports, including Standard and Poor’s Stock Reports, EDGAR filings, Standard and Poor’s Industry Surveys, and much more. … Continued

Zack’s Equity Reports

Zack’s Equity Reports (stock reports) offer 6-7 page analysis of companies, including things like buy/sell/hold recommendations, reasons to buy, reasons to sell, and a good amount of analysis for reach company. … Continued

How to Find Zack’s Equity Reports

If you’re analyzing a company, you may want to check out stock reports or equity reports. This video demonstrates how to find Zack’s Equity Reports in LexisNexis Academic. … Continued

Standard & Poor’s Stock Reports

Standard & Poor’s Stock Reports contain “qualitative and quantitative in-depth S&P research, analysis and tools on more than 1,500 U.S. and 300 non-U.S. corporations, including qualitative buy/sell/hold S&P STARS* opinions. … Continued

Mergent Equity Research Reports

Mergent Equity Research Reports provides access to individual analyst equity reports on over 4,000 large and mid-cap U.S. companies. Each company report is updated quarterly with weekly updated reports on over 100 companies. … Continued