Supermarket and Grocery Industry Trends

If you’re looking for information about the supermarket and grocery industry, take a look at the following sources.

Progressive Grocer Annual Consumer Expenditures Study

The Progressive Grocer 58th Annual Consumer Expenditures Study includes detailed tables showing 2004 supermarket sales of various product categories (not brands), along with annual percent changes over the past four years (2001-2004). A summary table of categories projects total sales in all retail outlets and shows supermarket share, along with share for mass merchandisers. Scan data is from ACNielsen, and share data is drawn from ACNielsen Homescan. Nontracked perishables and general merchandise are estimated by Progressive Grocer Research. The report additionally features interviews with more than 75 consumers about their attitudes, opinions, and stated behaviors related to certain product categories, conducted by Kit Moss Productions

The report is published in the September 15th issue of Progressive Grocer each year. The latest reports may be accessed via Business Source Premier. To find the reports in BSP, search for Progressive Grocer in the search box. Change the “Default Fields” box to “SO Publication Name”, since you know the publication is Progressive Grocer. Next, type Annual Consumer Expenditures Study in the second box, and leave the “Default Fields” box as is. Click search, and you’ll have access to the latest reports.

Progressive Grocer Annual Reports

Progressive Grocer’s 72nd Annual Report of the Grocery Industry This 17-page PDF download includes commentary on what supermarkets need to do to remain relevant as channel blurring continues, plus exclusive research including 2004 sales by store format (not chain-specific), historical comparisons, retailers’ rankings of merchandising trends, and a breakdown of how $100 is spent in the supermarket by store category. This year’s report also features a revised UBS Q-Series Report entitled “Do Supermarkets Have a Future?” and a real estate expert’s recommendations on how to compete with Wal-Mart.

For the past two years, these reports have been published in the April 15 issue of Progressive Grocer. The easiest way to find the reports is to go to Business Source Premier. Once the database is open, click on the “Publications” tab at the top of the page. Search for Progressive Grocer in the Browse Publications box. Click on Progressive Grocer from your search results to open the publication details. Finally, browse to the April 15 issue.

The Super 50

The Super 50 presents the top 50 supermarket chains in the U.S. This report is also found in Progressive Grocer, and can generally be found in the May 1 issue of the publication. The report may be found in the same manner as the annual reports above.

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