Standard & Poor’s Stock Reports

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Standard & Poor’s Stock Reports contain “qualitative and quantitative in-depth S&P research, analysis and tools on more than 1,500 U.S. and 300 non-U.S. corporations, including qualitative buy/sell/hold S&P STARS* opinions.

  • Format: Available online as part of S&P Net Advantage
  • Access info: To access the S&P Stock Reports, first go to S&P Net Advantage. After entering the database, click on the “Company” tab to do a company search. Search for your company, and then click on “S&P Stock Reports” on the left side of the page.

Each Stock Report offers:

  • Buy, hold and sell recommendations for the company
  • Key stock statistics
  • Price performance chart
  • Revenue/Earnings data
  • Dividend data
  • Investment rationale/risk
  • Corporate overview, corporate strategy, market profile, and financial trends
  • Company financials and more

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