Standard and Poor’s Industry Surveys


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S&P Industry Surveys, part of NetAdvantage,  offer 30-50 page snapshots of  50 major U.S. industries, covering peer companies, industry trends, analysis, and much more.

  • Ohio University Libraries discontinued this subscription on November 30, 2017. Users will find comparable information available in Mergent Online.
  • Format: Subscription Database
  • An especially useful source of information on the trends, problems, and prospects for a particular industry. Over 50 major domestic industries are covered in general terms. Within a particular industry analysis, leading companies are compared–in both the text and in statistical tables.
  • The reports are updated every six months for each industry.
  • Reports are available in PDF or HTML format
  • Also, look for the link to “Download Company Data” to download a very nice financial comparison of industry peers


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