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SPORTDiscus contains a good deal of publications that can assist the sports business researcher, many of which cannot be found in other article databases.  If you’re doing sports business research, you should give it a look.

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SPORTDiscus is a good place to find articles on sports business. Note that in addition to sports business publications, you will also find publications that deal with sports medicine, exercise science, coaching, and sports education topics.  SPORTDiscus also contains publications for niche sports activities and markets, such as Backpacker, Cross Country Skier, Equus, Dirt Biker, and many more. If there is a sport you are interested in researching, SPORTDiscus may have a magazine on the topic.  Selected publications include:

  • Athletic Business
  • Hockey Business News
  • International Journal of Sport Finance
  • International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship
  • Journal of the Legal Aspects of Sport
  • Journal of Sport Management
  • Sporting News
  • Sports Law Administration and Practice
  • Sports, Parks, and Recreation Law Reporter

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