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SportBusiness  “is the most trusted global intelligence service, providing unique news, analysis, data, consulting and events which deliver competitive advantage to executives in the business of sport.”

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  • Our Subscription to SportBusiness contains three different modules:
    1. SportBusiness Professsional —  provides in-depth case studies, reports, interviews, and more in the areas of sponsorship, media, marketing, digital strategies, merchandising, and hosting.  Particularly useful in understanding the business of sport, following trends, and learning best practices.
      • Use Fan Tracker : Media to gather sports media consumption data from 13 global markets.
      • Use Fan Tracker : Sports to understand the popularity of sports and sports properties in 13 global markets.
    2. SportBusiness Sponsorship — Provides global coverage on new deals in sport sponsorship; includes analysis of rights fees, contract duration, deal strategies, and more.
      • Use the Deals Tracker (found under the Sport Business Sponsorship navigation menu) to access sponsorship deals from the top 2,00 sports properties.  Can be filtered by sport, industry, and sponsorship type.
    3. SportBusiness Media —  Provides global coverage of sports media rights deals.

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