SASM 3120 Sports Governance and Ethics resources


govethicspostThe Sports Ethics and Governance class focuses on governance structures in sport (e.g., professional, collegiate, youth, and Olympic), policy issues (e.g., hiring policies, eligibility issues, rules compliance), as well as sportsmanship and ethical decision-making.  I’ve put together a list of  articles that deal with several topics for the class, including ownership, collective bargaining, pricing, fan/spectator/player safety, and organizational structure.

To access the list of articles click on an a category link below.  The link will take you to a Refshare page where you can browse the articles.  Once you arrive, you may want to change the view to “Full View” in order to read an abstract (summary) of the article.
To find the full text of an article,  click the “Find It” link to the right of the citation.  The “Find It” link will open up another page that links to the full text of the article.  I admit that this is a somewhat clunky solution, but it does allow me to easily update and edit the list of over 100 articles.

Sports Ethics and Governance Articles

The articles in the list were found using Business Source Complete and SportDiscus.

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