Researching the Ohio Tourism Industry

Resources for the Ohio Tourism Industry


This guide contains a list of databases and other tools that are useful in researching the Ohio Tourism Industry. The guide is not meant to be comprehensive, but it will point researchers to some of the best resources available for this topic. The guide covers both industry and marketing resources, as well as points to some company analysis tools.

This article will be updated as I discover new tools, resources, and research methods while working with the business cluster students.

Start Broad

Before jumping to the state level in the industry analysis, I strongly encourage you to take a look at national tourism trends.  Look at things about who is traveling, why, when, how often, etc.  The resources below will allow you to have an overall understanding of the environment.

Passport GMID

Use Passport GMID to get market research reports on various sectors of the U.S. tourism market, including care rental, health tourism, domestic travel and more.  Check out this video which shows you how to find tourism information in Passport GMID.

Mintel Oxygen

Use Mintel Oxygen to find more market research reports on the tourism industry.  Simply search “tourism” in the search box once you are logged into the database.


Use IBISWorld to find a nice industry overview of the U.S. tourism industry and more.  Simply search “tourism” in the industry keyword search box once you are logged into the database.

Hospitality and Tourism Complete

Use Hospitality and Tourism Complete (direct link)  to look for articles in travel and tourism publications about your industry.  If  you are first starting out, just search for “Ohio” as a keyword and then use the limiters on the left side of the results list to limit the results by topic/source.  You might also use this to find articles about specific topics, such as state parks, etc.

U.S  Travel Association

The Research section of the U.S. Travel Association website has a lot of good information available to the public for free.  There is also a great deal of subscriber content, but Ohio University Libraries does not have a subscription.

S&P Industry Surveys

S&P Industry Surveys offer broad overviews of large industries.  While there isn’t a report specifically for “Tourism,”  you can get some really good, relevant information from the Lodging and Gaming report.  (direct link)

Narrowing In

Once you have a good overview of  the industry, you will likely want to start finding information about the state of Ohio.  Please note that as you move to the state from the national level, you will not be finding the same types of information.  In other words, IBISWorld will not have an “industry analysis of the tourism industry in Ohio”  (that’s what you’re writing).  However, you can piece together some information with help from the following resources.

Ohio County Profiles

Use Ohio County Profiles to get economic and demographic information for each county in the state of Ohio.  This is a really useful resource in understanding the trends in each area.

Ohio Newspapers

Use Ohio Newspapers (direct link) to find news from Ohio newspapers about your topic.

County & City Tourism/Visitor’s Bureaus

You can look at some of the local tourism websites for good information on the types of services offered.  As an example, the Athens Visitor’s Bureau page offers some good ideas.



Discover Ohio Industry Center

Economic Impact of Ohio’s Tourism Industry (PDF)

The State of Ohio’s Tourism Industry Presentation (PDF)


Bizminer has industry financial ratios and more at the U.S., state, and even county level for a huge number of industries.  As an example you can use Bizminer to retrieve industry financial information for RV parks in Ohio.


SimplyMap  allows you to map and rank demographic and economic variables.  As an example, you could map or rank the counties in Ohio (or other states) who have the highest likelihood of going camping.



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