Popcorn & Snack Foods Industry Resources

Screenshot of Popcorn.org, a trade association website


The purpose of this guide is to point business researchers to some key resources when researching the popcorn and snack foods industry. This guide will not cover every single resource in the Industry Research Basics guide, but will simply highlight some resources that you might definitely want to take a look at. For a more thorough industry analysis, I suggest you look at most of the resources discussed in the Industry Research Basics guide.

Industry and Market Overview

The resources in this section will give you a broad overview of the popcorn and snack foods market.

Passport GMID

Use Passport GMID and look for the reports titled “Sweet and Savoury Snacks”.  You’ll find a report on the topic for over 80 different countries.  A search for “popcorn” also yields some good results.

Mintel Oxygen

When using Mintel Oxygen for this topic, you’ll likely find what you need by browsing to the “Food” section of the database.  There you will find multiple market research reports on the topic.  A search for “popcorn” also yields a report called Salty Snacks: Popcorn, cheese, corn and meat snacks – US – April 2011 .


IbisWorld has a report for “Snack Food Production in the U.S.”

Business Source Complete

Business Source Complete has a wealth of information about snack foods, popcorn, and franchising.  To avoid being overwhelmed with search results, limit the search to Trade Publications.


Bizminer contains industry financial ratios, failure and startup rates, and more for the popcorn and popcorn supplies stores industry.  This video shows you how to use Bizminer to research the popcorn store industry.

Trade associations

Trade associations are often very good sources of information for finding industry trends, statistics, and forecasts. Below are a couple of links to organizations associated with the popcorn and snack foods industries. Please note that Ohio University Libraries is NOT a member of either organization, so access to some of the content on both websites may be restricted.

Popcorn Board (http://www.popcorn.org)
“The Popcorn Board is a non-profit organization funded by U.S. popcorn processors. The Board strives to raise the awareness of U.S. popcorn as a nutritious and versatile snack through domestic and international marketing efforts. The Popcorn Board is a national commodity promotion and research program. It was formed in April 1998 as an Act of Congress at the request of the popcorn processing industry.”

Snack Food Association (http://www.sfa.org/)
“The Snack Food Association is the international trade association of the snack food industry representing snack manufacturers and suppliers.” “Membership includes, but is not limited to, manufacturers of potato chips, tortilla chips, cereal snacks,pretzels,popcorn, cheese snacks, snack crackers, meat snacks, pork rinds,snack nuts,party mix, corn snacks, pellet snacks, fruit snacks, snack bars, granola, snack cakes, cookies and various other snacks.”

Demographic Information

The resources in this section provide detailed information about who buys a popcorn and snack foods.

Ohio County Profiles

Ohio County Profiles is a really good resource for understanding the demographic and economic characteristics of Ohio.  Other states may have similar resources.  While the Profiles will not tell you anything about popcorn consumption, you can use the information you find there in combination with the market research reports from Mintel, GMID, etc.

American Factfinder

American Factfinder can be used to get detailed population statistics for a particular market.  As with Ohio County Profiles, use the information here to understand how national popcorn/snackfood trends (demographics of consumers, etc) applies to your local level.

MRI Mediamark Reporter

Mediamark Reporter provides excellent demographic statistics on consumer products. This video shows you how to use Medimark Reporter to find information on popcorn consumers.


SimplyMap can help you understand how many people in a particular area purchase popcorn or other products. This video shows you how to use SimplyMap to find popcorn consumption by city, county, or other location.



If you are researching the popcorn industry from the perspective of buying a franchise, then you may want to check out Ebrary.  Ebrary (direct link to database) has quite a few online books about franchising.

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