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Plunkett Research Online offers annually updated industry overviews, one-page company profiles, associations, company contacts, and more.  A good resource for general company and industry research.

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Plunkett Research Online is an excellent resource for industry overviews and statistics. For each industry Plunkett Research contains Market Research & Trends, Statistics, Company Profiles, Associations/Organizations, Company Contacts, and Glossary.

  • The one-page company profiles offer a quick glance at a company. For Company Information, Plunkett contains the following information:
    • Type of Business
    • Growth Plan and Special Features (generally unique information not found elsewhere)
    • Financials
    • Contact information
    • Salaries and Benefits
    • Information about if the company employs a good number of minorities or women.
  • Industry almanacs are updated annually. The following industries are included in the database:
    • Advertising/Branding
    • Airline, Hotel & Travel
    • Alternative & Renewable Energy
    • Apparel & Textiles
    • Automobile
    • Banking, Mortgages & Credit
    • Biotechnology
    • Chemicals, Plastics & Coatings
    • Consulting
    • E-Commerce & Internet
    • Energy & Utilities
    • Engineering & Research
    • Entertainment & Media
    • Food, Beverage & Tobacco Health Care
    • InfoTech, Software & Hardware
    • Insurance
    • Investment & Securities
    • Job Seekers
    • Middle Market Companies
    • Nanotechnology & MEMs
    • Outsourcing & Offshoring
    • Real Estate & Construction
    • Retail
    • Sports
    • Telecommunications
    • Transportation & Logistics
    • Wireless, Cellular & Wi-Fi

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