OPIE Doing Business in Another Country Research Tips

Resources for Country & Culture information


The purpose of this guide is to provide suggestions for OPIE CS2 students who are researching doing business in another country.  The guide lists many great resources for finding information about a country’s culture, business environment, economy, trade, and political risk.

Video Tips

This video demonstrates how to use all of the resources found on this page for this project.


Europa World Plus (direct link)  provides in-depth country information, including history, industries, economy, politics, and more.

Country Watch

Country Watch (direct link)  offers a political overview, economic overview, cultural information, investment climate, environmental overview, and more.


globalEDGE is a great place to start if you are looking for international business information. It contains country insights, industry profiles, rankings, and much more.


Intersource Country Insights

Intersource Country Insights contains country facts and cultural information on the countries of the world. Intercultural issues may include: Conversations, Communication Styles, Displays of Emotion,Dress, Punctuality, and Formality, Stereotypes, Relationship building, Preferred Managerial Qualities, Conflict in the Workplace, and much more. Please note that some information is from a Canadian perspective.

Passport GMID


Passport GMID is an excellent source for economic indicators, country outlook, foreign trade statistics, and more.  The easiest way to access information for a specific country is to choose a region under the Geographies tab, then choose your country on the following page.  From there, you have literally a world of information to choose from.  If you are just getting started and need an overview, look at the Country Profile.  The image to the right shows the kind of data available in Passport GMID.  Finally, Passport  GMID is also a good source for analysis of a country’s  business environment.


Business Source Complete

Use Business Source Complete to find magazine and newspaper articles about your country.  You will want to use multiple terms, as a search just for “India” will be overwhelming.  Additional suggested terms include:  business environment, business culture, business regulations, economic risk, political risk, etc.



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