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If you need demographic and economic data for Athens, or another Ohio county, Ohio County Profiles should be your first place to look.

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  • “The 2007 OHIO COUNTY PROFILES, prepared by the Office of Strategic Research, Ohio Department of Development, present a statistical compendium of selected demographic and economic characteristics associated with business and industry activity, and the amenities and services for Ohio and its eighty-eight counties. This publication provides users with a current statistical overview of Ohio that may be used for business decisions or policy making by business developers, researchers, planners, government leaders, social service agencies as well as the general public.
  • The 2007 OHIO COUNTY PROFILES is a 445-page document containing more than 50,000+ pieces of information gathered from over 50 different sources. Every effort has been made to ensure that the most recent, accurate data have been used. More detailed information may be found in the source documents listed in Appendix B of this publication.
  • The OHIO COUNTY PROFILES are updated every two years, and plans are already underway for the 2009 edition. A companion document, OHIO COUNTY INDICATORS, is an annual update of key items contained within the Profiles, and is also available on-line at our web site.”
  • With this website, you may browse by county, or you may go directly to the Athens County Profile(PDF format).

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