More sources to find market share information

While I would recommend looking at Passport GMID first to find company/brand market share, there may be times when you need to consult other sources for this type of information.   Here are a few other resources that can be used to find market share for a brand or company in specific industry or product category.

Mintel Oxygen

Depending on your industry or product category,  you may find the perfect market research report in Mintel Oxygen.  As demonstrated by the image below, Mintel may have brand share or market share in many of the reports.  Mintel covers primarily U.S. and some larger European markets.

Business Source Complete

To find Industry Profiles for you industry in Business Source Complete, I suggest trying to search for you industry terms, followed by the terms “industry” and “profile”.  You may have to play around with the terms a bit.  In the example below, I failed to find a “Coffee Industry Profile” but did manage to stumble upon quite a few industry profiles for “Hot Drinks”.  Each report, provided by Datamonitor, gives some market share information.  The reports cover global, United States, as well as many of the world’s largest markets.


For most industries, IBISWorld will have a section for “Major Companies” that will provide some market share information.  IBISWorld has information for over 700 industries, but it only covers the United States market.

Market Share Reporter

Market Share Reporter is good to use if you just need basic numbers about market share information.  One really cool thing about this source is that it includes citations that state where the resource retrieved the information.  This can be especially useful in tracking down additional information on the topic.  Here is how to use Market Share Reporter.

1.  Connect to Market Share Reporter, which is part of the Gale Directory Library.

2.  Choose “Market Share Reporter” then enter your search terms.

3.  View the results

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