Marketing 379 Secondary Sources Assignment

About this Guide

This intent of this guide is to offer suggestions to Marketing 379 students as they complete the “Primary Sources” assignment. The content and questions of the “Primary Sources” assignment was created by the instructors of the Marketing 379 course, not by the library,or by any of the librarians. The questions are listed below in order to refer students to the most appropriate resources. This guide does not simply give students all the answers, but will point them to the places where they may find the answers. Questions regarding the grading of the assignment, should be directed to the class instructor.

Industry Information

Summarize the current situation for your industry:

Describe the short term projection for your industry:

Describe the long term projection for your industry:

What is the outlook for international trade for your industry:

Business Rankings

List the top 3 companies by sales in your industry and their sales volumes.

Rank in your Industry Company Name Sales Volume

For the top company in your industry, write the name of its CEO and address, phone number of its head quarter.

Name of the Company
Address of Headquarter
Phone Number

What are the top 5 companies by sales, regardless of your industry, in the United States?

Rank Company Name Sales Volume SIC code

Within OHIO, give, regardless of your industry, the top THREE companies by sales volume, their industry rank, sales volume, and SIC codes:

Ohio Rank Company Name Sales Volume SIC code

Article Database

Using Business Source Complete database in Alden Library, conduct a search of articles written in the business press on key events affecting your industry/major company in your industry / or a major product of your company

What key word did you use first? __

How many citations did you get? __

Narrow your search (that is number of citations should decrease with each subsequent search) parameters by using more specific key words and re-run 2-3 iterations. Describe your findings.

Key words used_________________ Number of Citations_________________

Summarize one interesting article you found as a result of your search process?

  • This is pretty self-explanatory. A suggestion is to search for your topic or industry, and then limit to Trade Publications.

Demographic and Consumer Information

You have been hired by Toyota Corporation to assist in determining which Metro Areas it should target for its new dealerships of luxury cars in the state of Ohio. Provide 3 Metro Areas in Ohio in descending order of their Buying Power Index (BPI).

Rank Metro Areas BPI

Explain what does the difference in BPI among various cities mean?

  • Use Demographics USA. County Edition.  You can find this book at the 2nd Floor desk in Alden Library.  Look for the information in section 4 of the book.

Choose a product that you are interested in and is listed in Mediamark Research Inc. (not necessarily from your industry) ___ [Attach copies of relevant pages from MRI database and highlight info used]

  • Note: This question has not changed in over 5 years, but the resources have. Therefore the numbers in the question may not line up exactly like the question. Just do your best with the information you have available. For help using the database, visit the Mediamark Reporter page in the Business Blog.

How many used or purchased this product within the last 12 months? ___

What percent are in the highest use category? ___

What age group is the biggest user of the product? ___

Which household income is most prevalent for this product’s use? ___

Which household size is most common for this product? ___

What two magazines are best to advertise in to reach your heavy users based solely on reader numbers? List them.

Magazine 1: ________________________ Magazine 2: __________________________

Which two magazines would you recommend to reach heavy users of your product most effectively? Why this answer may be different for an earlier answer?

Magazine 1: ________________________ Magazine 2: _________________________
What 2 evening shows or time slots would you choose to reach heavy users of your product based solely on viewer numbers? List the programs/time slots and viewer numbers.

TV Show 1 or Time Slot 1: ___________________ TV Show 2 or Time Slot 2: ___________________

Viewer Numbers: ___________________ Viewer Numbers: _____________________
P&G is deciding on which one of the two TV shows to advertise its new product on. Both TV shows offer similar audience characteristics in terms of the target market. Advise P&G about what factors to consider in choosing between the two TV shows? Present your rationale below:

  • Use Mediamark Reporter for this question. Before you use Mediamark Reporter, you will need to create a profile with MediaMark. When creating a profile, you must use your email address. Make sure you read the directions before accessing the datase. A guide for using the database is available on the Mediamark Reporter page. For tips on how to use MediaMark Reporter, you may want to watch this video about the database.

Market Share Information

Choose a product category in your industry, say VCR, TV, Orange juice etc…Find out the market shares of top 5 brands?

Product Category___

Share Rank Brand Name %Market Share


You have been contacted by Red Barn restaurant chain to conduct population characteristic study of Franklin County to decide on whether to open their new restaurant or not. They need to know:

Total Population
25 to 34 years old total ______ % of total population
25 to 34 years old Male _____ % of male population
25 to 34 years old Female _____ % of female population
Household Income $25,000 to $34,999 _____ % of all households
Household with individualsunder 18 _____ % of all households
  • Use American Factfinder or Ohio County Profiles.
  • Note: This question has not changed in over 5 years, but the resources have. Therefore the numbers in the question may not line up exactly like the question. Just do your best with the information you have available.

International Information

1.What is the leading export item from Brazil?

2.Write the SIC code for Motor Vehicle Bodies. __

  • See the article about SIC codes for an explanation of what the codes are. Pretty much any business database will have these codes.

3.Does the U.S. have any subsidiaries in Mexico with this SIC code? List one.

4.What is the address of the Toyota subsidiary, Toyota Tsusho America Inc., located in the U.S.?

  • Use LexisNexis.  Once you find the company, click on “other reports” on the left side of the page to get the information.

5.List a Japanese company that might want to import logs from the U.S. to Japan. Give the full address and list the Chief Executive Officer.

  • Use LexisNexis to screen for a company in Japan within an industry (use SIC or NAICS codes) that would require logs for manufacturing, such as furniture manufacturing.

6.Brazil is interested in doing business with USA. Suppose that you wanted to advertise in the largest circulation daily paper in Rio D’generio. What is its name and circulation?

  • Use Editor & Publisher International Yearbook .  You can find this book at the 2nd Floor desk in Alden Library.  Look in Part 1 for this information.

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