Market Research Library (U.S. Commercial Service)

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If you’re looking to do business in another country, the Market Research Library contains more than 100,000 industry and country-specific market reports for countries around the world.

  • Country Commercial Guides
  • Industry Overviews*
  • Market Updates*
  • Multilateral Development Bank Reports*
  • Best Markets*
  • Industry/Regional Reports*

* These market research reports are available only to U.S. companies and students/researchers that are registered with  The registration is free.

The Country Commercial Guides contain information such as:

  • Doing Business
  • Political and Economic Environment
  • Selling U.S. Products and Services
  • Leading Sectors for U.S. Export and Investment
  • Trade Regulations and Standards
  • Investment Climate
  • Trade and Project Financing
  • Business Travel
  • Contacts, Market Research and Trade Events

For more information about market research from the U.S. Commercial Service, visit the department’s market research website.

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