How to find market size, brand shares, and industry analysis of the sports and energy drink market

Research tools to quench your thirst for information found here!
Research tools to quench your thirst for information found here!

Today I got an email from a student doing research to get a better understanding of the energy drink as well as the sport drinks industry, including the market and competition. He was also interested in finding out the market size and market share of existing energy drink/ sports drink businesses.   Since the energy drink market is a fairly popular area of interest, I figured I would post my tips here on the Business Blog, so that others interested in the topic might find the information they need as well.  The resources listed below are licensed to Ohio University libraries.  If you aren’t affiliated with Ohio University, you might check with your local library for access.


I’d start first with Passport.  Once you have the database open, use the search box in the top right to search for “Sports and Energy Drinks in the US” .  You can also find other reports by using the Passport Industries Browse feature. Under the Industries heading, browse to Soft Drinks, then select Sports and Energy Drinks in the Search Tree.   That will get you to a page where you can then choose other international markets that you are interested in.  The market research reports in Passport address the headlines, trends, category data (brand shares, company shares, and market shares), as well as provide statistics such as growth rate, annual sales, and more.


Second, Mintel will be a great resource.  Once Mintel is open, use the search box in the top right to search for Sports Drinks.  You’ll find reports such as the ones found in the image below.  These reports really look at a product from the consumer perspective and covers topics such as brand preference, who is buying, why they are buying, and how much they are buying.



Statista is also a good choice.  Just search “energy drinks” or “sports drinks” and you will get some great results for market and brand shares, and more.  Be sure to look for the “source link” under the statistical chart which can lead you to additional information on the internet.


Business Source Complete is a great place to look for trade publications about this specific industry.  I’d suggest just searching for sport drinks or energy drinks, then limiting to “Trade Publications” .  The image below (click for bigger) shows the search strategy in a little more detail.



Finally, you may want to look a the broader beverage market.  Reports from industry research databases such as NetAdvantage, IBISWorld, and First Research would be good resources to understand how brands like Monster and Red Bull compete in the beverage market with Gatorade, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and others.

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