How to compare company financial ratios in Research Insight (Compustat)

Note: Ohio University Libraries no longer subscribes to Research Insight. I left this video up to help others who may still have access. Ohio University student researchers can use Mergent Online to find similar ratio information. Faculty needing Compustat data should use WRDS, available via the College of Business.

This video demonstrates how to compare over 30 financial ratios for up to 6 companies using Standard & Poor’s Research Insight (also called Compustat). The video demonstrates how to find ratios and information pertaining to the companies’ profitability, liquidity, activity, performance, dividends, and leverage.

Ratios include: Profit margin, net profit, operating margin, asset turnover, ROA, ROE, Return on Assets, ROI, quick ratio, Return on Investments, Total Debt, Long-term debt, and much more.

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