Guide to researching the pastry, crepe, smoothie, and coffee shop market


The purpose of this guide is to point business researchers to some key resources when researching the pastry, crepe, smoothie, and coffee shop market. This guide will not cover every single resource in the Industry Research Basics guide, but will simply highlight some resources that you might definitely want to take a look at. For a more thorough industry analysis, I suggest you look at most of the resources discussed in the Industry Research Basics guide.

Chad’s research advice:

Because most databases will not cover the crepe market specifically, you will need to be creative when looking for related, relevant information.  As an example, many databases will cover cafes, coffee shops, bakeries, pastries, baked goods, breakfast food trends, etc.  All of these reports would be useful in your analysis.  In other words, you have to use the information that is available to you.

Industry and Market Overview

The resources in this section will give you a broad overview of the pastry, crepe, smoothie, and coffee shop market. Please note that in most cases, you will need to consult multiple reports in the same database to fully cover your research, as it is very unlikely you will find one report that covers all of the various product categories in the market.

Passport GMID

Use Passport GMID and to browse for “Consumer Foodservice” under the industry tab.  You can then choose “Foodservice by Type” or “By Location” and then browse to Cafes, etc.  This video shows you how.

Mintel Oxygen

When using Mintel Oxygen for this topic, you’ll likely find what you need by browsing to the “Food” section of the database.  There you will find multiple market research reports on the topic.  A search for “crepe”  or “pastry” or “coffee” also yields reports that will be useful.  You will find reports on coffee, breakfast foods, bakeries, and more, which could be used in your analysis of your specific market.


IbisWorld has a report for “Coffee and Snack Shops in the U.S.” which could be useful.

Business Source Complete

Business Source Complete has a wealth of information about coffee shops and more.  To avoid being overwhelmed with search results, limit the search to Trade Publications.


Bizminer contains industry financial ratios, failure and startup rates, and more for coffee shops, bakeries, cafes, etc..  This video shows you how to use Bizminer to research the coffee shop, bakery, and cafe market.

Demographic Information

The resources in this section provide detailed information about who buys a popcorn and snack foods.

Ohio County Profiles

Ohio County Profiles is a really good resource for understanding the demographic and economic characteristics of Ohio.  Other states may have similar resources.  While the Profiles will not tell you anything about coffee/crepe/pastry consumption, you can use the information you find there in combination with the market research reports from Mintel, GMID, etc.

American Factfinder

American Factfinder can be used to get detailed population statistics for a particular market.  As with Ohio County Profiles, use the information here to understand how national pastry/coffee/smoothie trends (demographics of consumers, etc) applies to your local level.  For a quick list of Census statistics for Athens, take a look at the Athens, Ohio Quick Facts.

MRI Mediamark Reporter

Mediamark Reporter provides excellent demographic statistics on consumer products. This video shows you how to use Medimark Reporter to find information about consumers of pastries, sweet rolls, coffee, and more.


SimplyMap can help you understand how many people in a particular area purchase pastry, coffee, or other products. You can find a video of how to find coffee consumption, dining habits, and more here.



If you are researching the popcorn industry from the perspective of buying a franchise, then you may want to check out Ebrary.  Ebrary (direct link to database) has quite a few online books about franchising.

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