Guide to Researching the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry Guide
Healthcare Industry Guide


The purpose of this guide is to point business researchers to some key resources when researching the United States Health Care industry.   While not entirely comprehensive, this guide does list several of the key and highly recommended resources when analyzing the industry and researching the companies in the industry.  I have listed the databases and resources below, with recommendations on how to find the best information in the quickest fashion.

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Industry Overviews

S&P NetAdvantage

S&P NetAdvantage contains two reports titled  “Healthcare: Facilities” and “Healthcare: Managed Care” that will be especially useful when researching the Health Care industry.  You can find these reports under the Publication Search on the S&P NetAdvantage home page. The reports average 30-50 pages in length, are updated every 6 months, and contain information about trends and the outlook for the industry.

First Research

First Research contains reports on  the overall Health Care Sector, in addition to more niche areas of the industry such as Ambulatory Health Care, Home Health Care Services, Nursing Homes, and more.  The reports give overviews of the industry, as well as discuss challenges and critical issues in the industry.

Plunkett Research Online

Plunkett Research Online has a section that covers the  Health Care Industry.  There you will find reports that cover statistics, market research and trends, and company profiles.  These reports are written for a very general audience and are a great place to get an introduction to the industry.

Mintel Oxygen

Mintel Oxygen contains market research reports and has an entire section on the topic of Health & Wellness.  While most of the reports are about consumer products  (such as over the counter remedies) the reports may give some insight about the health-conscious consumer.  Other reports, such as ones about “Consumer Choices in Healthcare” or “Pharmaceuticals:  The Consumer”, may also be valuable.  Browse Mintel by the Health & Wellness section, or use the search box to search for healthcare, medicare, or other related terms.


Onesource is a good place to look for broad industry overviews.  Use the industry search box in Onesource to search for your industry to find market research reports.


Statista contains an almost obscene amount of statistics on almost any topic.  For the Health Care industry, use Statista to find Health and medical statistics as well as statistics on insurance, demographics, and  chronic diseases (need to name diseases in order to get stats).  Statsta contains a lot of information from a variety of sources, so you may need to play with the keywords you use to get the best results.

Suggested keywords include: Medicare, medicaid, healthcare, health care, boomers, baby boomers, healthcare reform, health care reform

Healthcare Business Market Research Handbook

The Healthcare Business Market Research Handbook offers excellent overviews of the issues facing the healthcare sector.

Trends in Mobile Healthcare or mHealth

Business Source Complete

Business Source Complete has trade publications, magazines, and journals that all discuss the new trends in mobile healthcare, mHealth, or telemedicine.  The articles found in Business Source Complete are essential information when looking at this niche market.

Faulkner’s Advisory for IT Studies

Faulkner’s Advisory for IT Studies has some good information that covers the technical aspects of delivering mobile healthcare.  Some reports also cover the companies that provide services.  Faulkner’s uses the terms “mobile healthcare”, “mhealth” and “telemedicine”.

Pew Internet & American Life Project

The Pew Internet & American Life Project has a section on healthcare.  The reports there cover topics such as mobile health, health tracking systems, and “medicine 2.0.”

Consumer Demographics

Passport GMID

Passport GMID has a number of useful reports about the Health Care Industry.

  • There is a nice report called “Selling Health:  Trends in Marketing and Advertising”
  • The Future Demographics reports are useful in determining the overall health and age of the total U.S. population
  • Some good reports may be found by searching for Mobile Health.

Ohio County Profiles

Ohio County Profiles is a really good resource for understanding the demographic and economic characteristics of Ohio.  Other states may have similar resources.  You will want to use the demographic data found in the profiles and combine that with national demographic data (such as that found in Mediamark Reporter) to understand the characteristics of your local market.

American Factfinder

  • American Factifinder is a great resource for general demographic information including economic and social characteristics of particular city, state, or county.

Census QuickFacts

  • Census QuickFacts provides easy access to some of the most-used economic and social statistics.

Mediamark Reporter (MRI)

Mediamark Reporter is a good tool to use to understand the demographics of a particular product or market.  In the case of the Health Care market, you can use Mediamark Reporter to get detailed demographic data those who have attended a doctor specific number of times, or those who have visited a particular type of doctor.  The video below demonstrates how to find this information.  


SimplyMap is one of the best resources to use when identifying local market characteristics.  In the case of the Health Care industry, you can use Simply Map to get such statistics as the percent of people in a particular location who haven’t seen a doctor in over 2 years, percent who follow all of the doctor’s instructions, or the percent who believe they should go to the doctor when they are ill.  You can use SimplyMap to compare the same statistics over multiple locations, down to the city, county or even zip code level. The video below shows you how.  

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