Guide to researching the doggie day care market

Trooper Boeninger
Trooper Boeninger


The OHIO Business Clusters are doing a feasibility study on opening a doggie day care in Athens, Ohio.  The purpose of this guide is to point business researchers to some key resources when researching the doggie day care market.   While not entirely comprehensive, this guide does list several of the key and highly recommended resources when analyzing the market.  I have listed the databases and resources below, with recommendations on how to find the best information in the quickest fashion.

Chad’s Research Advice

The closest NAICS code for this industry is 812910 Pet Care (except Veterinary) Services.  According to the census, “this industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing pet care services (except veterinary), such as boarding, grooming, sitting, and training pets.”  What this means is that some searches may yield information about the overall Pet Care market, as it may be very difficult to narrow down searches much further.  Because “doggie day care” is a very niche market, we may need to look at information from the broader market.  In other words, if you just look for “doggie day care” information, you will be limited by what you find. In many cases researchers will have to be creative in using the various types of information available.

Understanding the market

First Research

First Research has a report for Pet & Pet Supply Stores. While one might think this report might be a bit outside the scope of the doggie day care market, the report could be used for overall projections of the pet industry in general.

Mintel Oxygen

Mintel Oxygen contains market research reports about Pet Food, Pet Supplies, Marketing to Pet Owners, and America’s Pet Owners.  Mintel also has a “Lifestyles” section where you may find other useful reports.


Statista contains an almost obscene amount of statistics on almost any topic.  It has an entire Dossier on Pet Ownership and more. Statsta contains a lot of information from a variety of sources, so you may need to play with the keywords you use to get the best results.  When looking at a statistics page, be sure to scroll down to view the source, as you will often find a link to the original report.

Passport GMID

Passport GMID has a report for Pet Care in the U.S., which covers boarding, pet ownership, pet expenditures, and more.

Local Market Analysis & Consumer Demographics


LexisNexis can be used to create a list of companies by industry type in a particular area.  You can use NAICS codes to screen by companies in specific location, which can be useful in analyzing competitors or benchmarking against other companies.


Bizminer has industry financial ratios and profiles, and local market analysis (not for Athens, but for bigger Ohio cities)  for Pet Kennels & Boarding.  Bizminer is useful in benchmarking a potential company against similar ones in the same industry, using industry averages for companies with the same NAICS classification.

Ohio County Profiles

Ohio County Profiles is a really good resource for understanding the demographic and economic characteristics of Ohio.  Other states may have similar resources.  You will want to use the demographic data found in the profiles and combine that with national demographic data (such as that found in Mediamark Reporter) to understand the characteristics of your local market.

American Factfinder

  • American Factifinder is a great resource for general demographic information including economic and social characteristics of particular city, state, or county.

Census QuickFacts

  • Census QuickFacts provides easy access to some of the most-used economic and social statistics.

Mediamark Reporter (MRI)

Mediamark Reporter is a good tool to use to understand the demographics of a particular product or market.  In the case of the doggie day care market, you can use Mediamark Reporter to get detailed demographic data about those who own pets.   The video below demonstrates how to find this information.  (video forthcoming)


SimplyMap is one of the best resources to use when identifying local market characteristics.  In the case of the doggie day care market, you can use Simply Map to get such statistics as the percent of people in a particular location who own dogs, and how many. You might also use SimplyMap to see the percentage of the population who use premium dog food, allowing you to make the assumption that those who pay more for pet supplies may be more inclined to pay for doggie day care services.  You can use SimplyMap to compare the same statistics over multiple locations, down to the city, county or even zip code level. The video below shows you how.  (Video forthcoming)

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