Guide to researching the clothing and apparel retail industry in China


The Summer 2013 Business Cluster students are charged with choosing an apparel retail company to open in Beijing, China. Their end product is a “feasibility study which entails researching and analyzing the chosen company, industry, target market in Beijing, and competition in order to generate financial projections, marketing plan, and management approaches.”  The resources below should help them in the research process.

 Business Source Complete

  • Use Business Source Complete to search for articles and industry reports about the apparel retail industry in China.
  • Suggested search terms include apparel retail, clothing retail, clothing stores, fashion, and China.
  • The Marketline Industry Profiles you find are good sources to get you started



  • Use Uniworld to find American firms in the clothing retail industry who operate in China
  • I need a video here on how to do this


  • Pasport is an essential resource for effectively researching the market in China
    • Use Passport to understand the Consumer Lifestyles of the people of China
    • Use Passport to understand the Clothing and Apparel retail market in China
    • Use Passport to understand the Business Environment in China
    • Use Passport to understand the Risks & Vulnerabilities of operating in China

Mintel Oxygen

  • Use Mintel Oxygen to find an excellent overview of the retail market in China.  The report is called  called the Asia Pacific Retail Handbook and can be found by searching the keyword “China”.


Doing Business in China


  • Use globalEDGE to get insight and analysis about doing business in China.

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