Guide to researching the Amusement Park Industry


My friends in the  Business Cluster are working on a research project that addresses the amusement park industry.  The resources found on this page should provide them with an excellent start to finding good information for the industry.

Note that business resources can be a bit challenging to cite in APA format, so take a look at this helpful guide on citing your sources.

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Use this guide to avoid going “round and round” with your research

Best Bets for Industry Analysis

The resources in this section are the best bets for analyzing the broad industry.

Encyclopedia of American Industries

If you need to know some history of an industry, the Encyclopedia of American Industries is a great resource. Just search for  “amusement parks” to find some excellent background of the industry.


IbisWorld is a good place to get started for a good overview of several sectors of the U.S. industry.

  • Simply search by keyword for “amusement parks” to find a few relevant reports, including amusement parks, water parks, arcades, and more.
  • Note:  Don’t just rely on IbisWorld for the bulk of your research.  Doing so will indicate that you have not done an adequate job and have not fully researched the industry.

First Research

First Research also offers broad industry overviews, which compliment the reports from IbisWorld quite nicely. You can find a very useful report that covers “Amusement Parks and Arcades.”

  • Many reports offer much better global coverage than IbisWorld.
  • Reports cover critical issues, business challenges, trends, opportunities, and more.


Mintel has excellent market research reports that address the consumer side of the amusement park industry, as well as reports that cover family vacation trends.

  • The market research reports in Mintel cover consumer buying, demand, preferences, market drivers, and other consumer information.
  • Simply use the search option for keywords such as amusement parks, theme parks, vacations, etc.


Statista is great resource to find some extremely useful statistics for your industry. Simply search for keywords companies, or brands relating to amusement parks, theme parks, roller coasters, etc.  to find stats for your project.

  • Tip:  Once you find a useful statistic, look at the “Release” tab on the left side of the page to find the “Source Link,” which will lead you to the original data source and potentially more information you can use.


Passport contains some excellent market research data and statistics on travel and tourism.

  • While there aren’t reports specifically for the amusement park industry, you can use the data to find the top tourist attractions in countries across the world.

Business Source Complete

Business Source Complete has a lot of useful information that can take your research to the next level. I’ve listed it here last not because it is the least important, but because I would use articles and reports from Business Source Complete to fill in the gaps of your research.

  • You will find Industry Profiles and Trade Publications that can enhance the broad coverage of other industry reports. Search for ”amusement parks or theme parks”, by company name, or use similar terms.
  • Look for trade publications  for excellent information written by people who are embedded in the industry.

SEC Filings

While  10-k (annual SEC filings) for individual companies are generally used to understand company finances, companies also discuss key industry information in the reports, such as business strategies, risk factors, competition, and more. Look in Part 1, Item 1 and Item 1A for this information in a company’s 10-K report. You will notice that the companies use some of the similar language found in reports like IBISWorld and others.


Other industry sites

(I will update as I find more throughout the project)

Top Picks for Company Analysis

The following resources are particularly useful when analyzing specific companies in the industry.

Mergent Online

Mergent Online should be your first place to look for company information.

  1. Search for your company, and look at the Company Financials tab.  You can download up to 30 years of as-reported financial information for public companies.
  2. Search for your company, and look at the Competitors tab to analyze the competition.
  3. Search for your company, and look at the Reports Tab.  Click on Equity Reports to get a stock report for your company and a few of its competitors.
  4. Search for your company, and look at the Horizon tab to understand suppliers and customer relationships.
  5. On the search menu, click the Investext Snapshot tab. Search for your company to find up to three stock reports about your company.

This video demonstrates how to find the most-essential information quickly in Mergent Online.

Hoover’s Online

Hoover’s Online has great company and industry information.

  • Use the Company tab to search for a particular company to find company financials, competitors, company news, and more.
  • Use the Industry Tab to search for your industry terms to find some excellent industry reports. The industry data comes from First Research, which is the same information found via the First Research interface.


Investext contains analyst, stock, and brokerage reports for industries and companies.


Privco is an excellent resource to use when trying to find information about larger privately held companies.


Factiva is a great resource for looking for news about companies in the industry.


In LexisNexis, use the “Get Company Information” search box to search for company information.

  • In addition to company financial information, you will find company news, company organization and subsidiary information, and company legal/lawsuit information.


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