Guide to reseaching the Automobile Market in India

busy street in India
Automobiles in India, cc from Anthony Doudt

If you are researching the automobile industry in India, or almost any other large international market, the resources below will be very useful.  This guide is not meant to be the most comprehensive list of resources that you will ever find on the topic, but does point to some resources that you definitely should not overlook in your research.  Other industry resources can be found under the industry tab in the navigation menu of the Business Blog.

While the resources on this page are geared toward Ohio University students, other researchers will want to check with their local libraries to inquire about access to these, or similar, resources.


Mergent Online Industry Reports

  • How to find automobile industry reports
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    The Mergent Online Industry Reports cover the Asia Pacific automobile market, with particular emphasis on China, India, Japan, Malyasia, South Korea, and Thailand.

  • Once you access Mergent Online, click the Report Search Tab, then Industry Reports, then choose Automotive and Asia Pacific.  The image to the right demonstrates how to do this.


  • Passport can be especially useful in looking at statistics such as passenger vehicle sales, total kilometers driven each year, new vehicle registrations by country.
  • Also, the Consumer Lifestyles reports and country analysis (doing business, risks and vulnerabilities, etc.) reports are very useful in analyzing the international market.
  • The video below shows how to find the necessary information in Passport

LexisNexis Academic

  • LexisNexis can be very useful in finding market research reports and news and trade publications about the Indian automobile market.
  • The reports from Business Monitor Online (BMI) in LexisNexis can be very useful.  The video below demonstrates how to find these essential reports.

Business Source Complete

  • Business Source Complete contains market research reports and industry profiles, as well as magazine and trade publication articles on the Indian automobile market
  • Simply search by keyword to find some excellent sources.


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