Guide to International Market Analysis & Entry

Your best research can really put your company on the map! ;-)
Your best research can really put your company on the map! 😉

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Assessing an international market for the purpose of launching a new product, or expanding an existing brand or business, requires a lot of thought and research.  Researchers need to understand the financial and economic forces and market indicators, as well as the political, legal, and sociocultural forces and issues in an area.  Likewise, it is very important to understand what kind of competition from other companies exists in the region.

The resources on this guide can be used to complete a thorough assessment of an international market.  Additional resources can be found on the International Business Guide.


GlobalEdge (free) is a great place to start your research.

  • Contains information and statistics on the economy, history, culture, risk, government, corporations, and trade.


CountryWatch  is a great tool to use for an overview of your international market.

  • Political information includes political risk index, stability, and conditions; government structure and functions; human rights and foreign relations.
  • Economic overview contains economic conditions and macroeconomic data.
  • Investment overview includes investment climate, foreign investment index, taxation, competitive ranking, corruption perceptions index, and stock market.
  • Social overview includes human development index, cultural etiquette, global gender gap index, and health advisory.


BMI Country Forecast Report

The BMI Country Forecast Report (also called “Country Risk Report), available through Business Source Complete, offer 60 pages of information for major international markets.

  • Information includes SWOT analysis, political risk index, foreign policy, long-term political outlook, economic risk, fiscal policy, operational risk, legal policy, and a 10-year forecast.



Passport is an essential resource for effectively researching the market in individual countries.

  • Use Passport to understand the Consumer Lifestyles of the people in your market
  • Use Passport to understand a specific consumer product category
  • Use Passport to understand the Business Environment in specific countries
  • Use Passport to understand the Risks & Vulnerabilities of operating in a nation
  • Contains a wealth of economic and consumer information, as well as Future Demographics reports.


D&B Country Risk Reports

The D&B Country Risk Reports offer an overview of a country’s economics and political condition.  It is a great resource to consult when evaluating countries as potential international markets, as it provides economic and political information in a concise and easy-to-use format.

Coface Economic Studies and Risk Assessment

UHY Doing Business Guides

The UHY Doing Business Guides (free) cover over 60 international markets.  Contents include:

  • Business environment
  • Foreign investment
  • Setting up a Business
  • Labour
  • Taxation
  • Accounting & reporting

Business Source Complete

Business Source Complete can be a great source for international business research, as it contains trade publications, magazines, company and industry profiles, and market research reports.  Just search for your country and your topic to find available information.

Mergent Intellect

Mergent Intellect is an excellent source to find companies and competitors by user-defined search criteria, such as size, location, industry, sales, and more.

Hoover’s Online

  • Use Hoover’s Online to find company profiles of potential business partners or competitors.  Note, company information is limited for non-public companies.
  • You can also use Hoover’s to create your own list of companies, by industry if you wish,  that operate in a particular area.
  • Contains the same data as Mergent Intellect through a different user interface.



  • Use Uniworld to find American firms who operate in international markets.
  • Uniworld may also be used to find foreign companies who operate in specific states in the U.S.








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