Marketing 4630: Future of Marketing and Social Marketing Research Tips

Image Creative Commons courtesy of Gavin Llewellyn

Dr. Axinn’s Marketing 4630 class has a couple of projects that require some research.  The first is a annotated bibliography on the future of marketing.  The second project is an analysis of social networking usage in a particular industry.  The notes below offer some tips for searching for information for their projects.

Articles Plus (big box on the library home page)
  • You might begin by searching the “future of marketing”  (putting quotes around your phrase will help)
  • However, look for other words to use that pertain to “future” such as “innovations,” “trends,” “outlook,” etc.
  • Articles Plus will find you books and articles on your topic
  • Be sure to limit by date to narrow down the results
  • If no PDF full text is available, look for the “Find It with Linksource” link to see if we have it in full text elsewhere
  • Business Source Complete has articles from a huge number of business publications
  • You can do a search such as marketing and future and trends
  • Use “or” to combine similar topiscs, such as (social media or facebook or twitter or youtube)
  • Use the second line to combine other similar terms advertising or marketing (see image below)
  • limit to industry on left side
An Example of how to string together a search
  • WARC is a great resource that provides marketing and advertising case studies.
  • You can simply use the search box to search by topic
  • Or browse to Trends –> Marketing  to find relevant content
  • The case study finder (found via Case Strudies –>  Case StFinder ) is a wonderful tool to browse by media format  (such as social media) and then by industry (see image below)
How to find Cases in WARC (click for larger image)
  • Mintel is a great database of market research reports
  • Simply search for social media to find reports on how people use social media
  • Also use to search for specific products and markets to learn more about the consumers of those products
  • Statista is a great resource for statistics of all kinds
  • Simply search for Social Media to find relevant statistics
  • You can also limit by category (on the right side of the page) to Marketing/Advertising or other topics
  • Also use to search for product



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