Forest Footprint Disclosure Project

forestdisclosureI found this today via my RSS feeds:

The Forest Footprint Disclosure Project (FFD Project) is a new UK government-supported initiative, created to help investors identify how an organisation’s activities and supply chains contribute to deforestation, and link this ‘forest footprint‘ to their value.

Modelled on the successful Carbon Disclosure Project, it aims to create transparency and shed light on a key challenge within investor portfolios, where currently there is little quality information.

The report details the impact of various industries on deforestation, including the cattle, palm oil, timber, bio fuel, and soy industries. The full  60 page PDF report is definitely worth checking out if you’re researching green business or sustainable business.   I’ve also added this report as a link on my Corporate Responsibility, Citizenship, & Green Business Guide  in the Biz Wiki.

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