Encyclopedia of Business and Finance

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The Encyclopedia of Business and Finance is a great source for general business information, and can be used to when beginning a complex research project or if you simply need a topical overview of a subject.

From the publisher description:

This two-volume collection of over 315 articles presents a wealth of information about the major functional areas of business: accounting, economics, finance, information systems, law, management, and marketing. Articles vary in length and depth, in bibliographic support, and in writing style. Thus, the reader will encounter a variety of approaches to and perspectives about business. Some articles are quantitative, since some aspects of business are numerically based. Other articles tend more toward the qualitative to accommodate the more descriptive aspects of business. Some of the articles present an historical perspective, incorporating long-validated knowledge, while other articles focus on current concepts and more recent data. Other articles provide “how-to” advice. Regardless of the approach, available data are accurate to the best of each writer’s knowledge as of 2006. All articles have the same goal: to provide useful knowledge about the business and financial world.

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