Datastream, an advanced economic and finance tool

Datastream is an advanced research tool that contains worldwide financial and economic data. It includes both current and historical data on equities, economic series, foreign exchange, interest rates, fixed income instruments, and derivatives.

  • Format: Subscription Database
  • Access Info: Athens Campus Only
  • Note:  This database can be found at the 2nd Floor service desk in Alden Library, or in the Economics Lab in Bentley.

The subscription to Datastream allows access to the following:

  • Default Programs for all customers
  • Dow Jones Indices
  • ICAP Swaps Swaptions Caps Floors
  • ICMA Non-Price data
  • ICMA Price data
  • JP Morgan Emerging Market Bond Indices
  • Lehman Brothers Bond Indices
  • Merrill Lynch Bond Indices
  • MSCI Basic Service (Unrestricted – free to all customers)
  • Data Channel Bolt-on to Equity Research
  • Data Channel Bolt-on to Financial and Commodity Futures
  • Data Channel Bolt-on to Fixed Interest Research
  • JP Morgan Indices via datachannel
  • Data Channel Bolt-on to Traded Options
  • Equity Research including real time data
  • Equity Research (28 program removed), inc US Financial and Commodity Futures
  • Fixed Interest Research including German real time data
  • Graphics Bolt-on to Equity Research Graphics Bolt-on to Financial and Commodity Future
  • Graphics Bolt-on to Fixed Interest Research
  • JP Morgan Indices via graphics
  • Graphics Bolt-on to Traded Options
  • US Macro-economics and IBJ-Nikko Japanese economics (available outside Japan only)
  • JP Morgan Indices via Equity Research Traded Options
  • JP Morgan Indices via TSA
  • Salomon Brothers Restricted Bond Indices
  • Scotia Indices
  • Salomon Smith Barney Equity Indices
  • User Created Indices
  • Worldscope Data

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