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The Business Blog is a non-profit, educational blog published by me, Chad Boeninger, Business & Economics Subject Specialist at Ohio University’s Alden Library.  The purpose of this blog is to point business researchers to resources that will help them with business research.  The blog is also used to stay current with business trends, topics, and current issues.  While the  intended audience is the academic community at Ohio University, posts may be relevant to others as well. As such, comments are most welcome from anyone,  as the I hope others will contribute to the topic being discussed.  However,  please consider the following before you post your comment:

1. Please use your real name, and please use a valid email address when commenting.

2. All comments are moderated.

3.  As a spam filter is used on this blog, sometimes comments may be deleted if they are detected to be spam.  Don’t use a lot of links, bad language, etc., and you comment should pass the spam test just fine.

4.  Relevant links are encouraged.  However, since the Business Blog is a non-profit, educational resource, please do not post comments to simply promote your site or service.  If you’ve got something worthwhile to say, then please post a comment.  Please do not post a comment to simply increase your link rankings or to advertise your product.  Those comments will be deleted.

5. As this is an educational blog, inflammatory comments or those with questionable language/content will be modified or removed, and I reserve the right to do so.

6. I reserve the right to modify comments as needed in order to maintain formatting and structure.

7. I reserve  all rights to delete or refuse any and all comments and trackbacks.

8. I do not harvest any information from comments, but please be advised any comment you post contributes to your online reputation.

9. This policy may be amended at any time.

If you have questions or concerns about this policy of this blog, please feel free to  contact me.

In creating this policy, I found Ari Herzog’s commenting policy particularly helpful.

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