How to Find Earnings Conference Call Transcripts in Nexi Uni (Lexis-Nexis)

Like a post-game press conference with a coach talking about the successes and failures of his team, public companies also discuss their successes, earnings, initiatives, and failures with analysts. These quarterly earnings conference calls are recorded as print transcripts, and can be found in Nexis Uni (formerly Lexis-Nexis Academic).

How to Find S&P (and other) Stock Reports in Investext

S&P Stock Reports are a favorite of many business researchers when looking for concise, up-to-date analysis of a company. This video demonstrates how to find those reports, as well and other stock/equity reports, in Investext via the Mergent Online database.

How to find MarketLine reports in Investext

MarketLine reports give a good introduction to a company, and can be especially useful for novice business researchers. The reports contain financial information, executive biographies, SWOT Analysis, and more. This video demonstrates how to find the reports in Investext, using the Mergent Online database.

Business Research Brief: Find Entrepreneurship Grants using Foundation Directory

This Business Research Brief quick video shows how to find entrepreneurship grants using a resource called the Foundation Directory. In this example, I am looking for grants awarded to colleges and universities in Ohio, pertaining to the area of entrepreneurship. Foundation Directory is a subscription database, so if you are not affiliated with Ohio University, … Continued

5 Quick Tips for Researching the Beauty & Personal Care Industry

This video demonstrates how to find key industry, marketing, and consumer information for the Beauty & Personal Care industry, using essential resource such as Passport, WARC, Mintel, Business Source Complete, and Statista. Don’t limit your research to just one database; make sure you are casting a wide net in finding key information.

How to find restaurant customers by brand and location in SimplyMap

This video demonstrates how to find customers of a specific restaurant brand by location. You can use this data to better understand where you could feasibly open a new (or similar) restaurant based upon consumer demand. The video also demonstrates how to find the addresses of restaurant locations within the specific market region.

Understanding Demographics of Restaurant Consumers with Simmons Oneview

This video demonstrates how to use Simmons Oneview to gather an understanding of customers of specific restaurant brands. The data includes household income, race, ethnicity, education level, gender, and more. Simmons is an idea resource when trying to identify your target consumer of a particular product or brand.