Where can I find purchasing power of high school students and consumers?

Occasionally I have had questions from   people researching the disposable income or purchasing power of high school students.  This kind of information is typically hard to find, as most of the sources that I know of that track spending and income start at the age of 18.  However, a quick search in Mintel Oxygen yields … Continued

How do I cite business sources in APA format?

This is a very common question, and rather than reinvent the wheel, I suggest visiting Steve Kramer’ guide to Citing Business Databases in APA format.  Steve covers many of the databases that we use and provides examples for citations in APA format.  For those databases that we have that are not covered in the guide, … Continued

Where can I find market share (brand shares or company shares) for a specific industry?

If you are looking for market share in an industry by brand or by company, then Passport GMID is likely the best choice. Passport GMID is very useful in finding company or brand market share for the global industry or for a number of individual countries. Here is a step-by-step process for retrieving this type of information. In this example, I am looking for global and United States market shares for both brands and companies. … Continued

Can I find market research on the Ohio pottery market?

That’s the  question I received from two different people on IM yesterday.  While chatting with them online, I searched the usual places (Passport GMID, Mintel Oxygen, Mediamark Reporter) for topics relating to pottery, ceramics, etc, but only retrieved information relating to cookware, home furnishings, and The Pottery Barn.  I figured as much, but I decided … Continued

Where can I find wine consumption by state?

Today I got an IM from a student asking “Where can I find wine consumption by state?”. It took a bit of doing, but we eventually found some information that worked. It was a tough question, and here is how I found the information. … Continued

Keep ’em coming

Keep ’em coming

I started working this evening at 6:00 P.M. and it is now 7:30.  This is what the last hour-and-a-half has looked like.  It’s been a whole lot of fun answering tons of business questions.  Keep the questions coming!!  I’m here until 10.

Screenshot of Bureau of Labor Statistics website

Book store employees average salary data

Do you need to know statistics or figures about the wages/salaries of workers in the books store retail industry?  The first place I’d check is the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  They have data on a variety of retail sectors, as well as specific statistics about bookstore workers.  The tables for each industry contain occupational employment and wage … Continued

CO2 Pricing Permits Data for the European Union

CO2 Pricing Permits Data for the European Union

Question I received the question from a patron on September 10, 2009: “i am looking for CO2 permits prices per ton (EU Markets) or (EU Stock exchange markets)data from 2005 up to date if possible. what i am looking for looks like prices $ per ton CO2 in monthly basis.” Answer I initially thought Eurostat … Continued

Ohio Industry Series

Ohio Industry Series

Need to find a snapshot of one of the key industries  in Ohio?  The Ohio Department of Development has an Ohio Industry Series that offers snapshots of the broad industry categories in Ohio.