Bizminer is a great resource when developing business plans, or for any sort of entrepreneurship initiatives where you need to measure peer performance in an industry. It includes industry financial ratios, failure rates of businesses, local industry market research statistics, and more. … Continued


Factiva is a very powerful database that can be used to find company, industry, and business news, as well as company profiles, stock prices, and more. … Continued

Plunkett Research Online

Plunkett Research Online offers annually updated industry overviews, one-page company profiles, associations, company contacts, and more. A good resource for general company and industry research. … Continued

Mergent Online Industry Reports

The industry reports found in Mergent Online offer broad coverage of around 20 of the largest global industries, with coverage for North America, Europe, Asia, and global geographic areas. … Continued

Encylopedia of American Industries

The Encyclopedia of American Industries offers short overviews of a huge number of U.S. industries. The resource is especially useful when researching the background and development of an industry. … Continued

Deloitte Industries

Looking for industry trends and outlook?  Deloitte’s Industries page contains a good list of industry overviews. Connect to:  Deloitte Industries Deloitte provides analysis of larger industries and focuses on the trends and outlook for each industry.  This can be a very useful website for generating your own ideas about issues you may want to focus … Continued

IBISWorld Industry Market Research

IBISWorld contains in-depth, regularly updated industry reports for over 700 United States NAICS-classified industries that include analysis, forecast, ratios, market share, and more. … Continued