A screenshot of the WGSN fashion database website.

Fashion ideas to business concept: How to research market conditions, trends, demand, and competition for a new business

This guide will help you research and explore a new fashion business concept.  Below you will find industry and market research databases that discuss trends,  customer demands, target market (demographics and psycho-graphics), competitor and industry benchmarking, and more. Understand the overall industry Understand current and future trends Identify competitors, similar companies, and aspirant peers Understand … Continued

How to research the women’s clothing and accessories retail industry

This guide will help you research the women’s clothing retail industry ( which includes active wear, athleisure, underwear, lingerie, leisure wear, etc.)  and the fashion accessories industry (jewelry, handbags, etc. ).    My specialty apparel retail industry guide might be useful as well. Table of Contents Understand the industry Get to know the consumer Identify … Continued