Beyond the website

How to research a company before you interview

The purpose of this guide is to give job-hunters an information advantage before they interview.  This guide showcases a few key resources that will take your knowledge of a company or industry beyond what you can find on the company website or  through a basic Google search.  Knowing more about a company or industry helps you to … Continued

Business Culture & Etiquette in Italy resources

The Ohio University Global Consulting Program is going to Italy, and they need to brush up on some business customs, etiquette, culture, negotiations, and more.  Some key resources covering those topics can be found below. Some suggested search terms for this topic:  Italy, business etiquette, protocol, negotiations, communication, intercultural communication. In addition to the resources … Continued

Where can I find articles in the Harvard Business Review?

Ohio University Libraries has access to Harvard Business Review via our subscription to Business Source Complete. Connect to:  Harvard Business Review  Access:  All Ohio University Campuses Note:  Professors and instructors wishing to use Harvard Business Review Articles in their classes should work with Harvard Business Publishing for Educators.  At the HBR site, professors can set … Continued

Where can I get Harvard Business School Cases?

Ohio University Libraries provides access to thousands of online full text and print articles, and when we don’t have access, we will do our best to borrow the article you need from another library.  Unfortunately, Harvard Business School Cases are not available through Ohio University Libraries (or any library for that matter), as Harvard Business … Continued

Encyclopedia of Business and Finance

The Encyclopedia of Business and Finance is a great source for general business information, and can be used to when beginning a complex research project or if you simply need a topical overview of a subject. … Continued

Getting educated on company finance and investing

Getting educated on company finance and investing

I’ll be the first to tell you that finance is not my strongest subject when it comes to business research.  Sure, I can help my patrons find the information that they need.  I’m pretty good at Mergent Online and can muddle my way around Datastream, but when it comes to actually interpreting the data we … Continued

Forest Footprint Disclosure Project

I found this today via my RSS feeds: The Forest Footprint Disclosure Project (FFD Project) is a new UK government-supported initiative, created to help investors identify how an organisation’s activities and supply chains contribute to deforestation, and link this ‘forest footprint‘ to their value. Modelled on the successful Carbon Disclosure Project, it aims to create … Continued

The World’s Most Influential Companies

The World’s Most Influential Companies

BusinessWeek, working with an advisory board of 14 academics, consultants, and industry leaders worldwide, has developed a list of the World’s Most Influential Companies. We selected 10 companies that played a major role in their industry over the past year and could shape the corporate landscape for years to come. Have a look at the … Continued

How to build a successful startup

How to build a successful startup

Business 2.0 has a 16-step guide to “How to Build a Bulletproof Startup.” According to the guide, the authors wanted you to have all the benefit of hard-earned experience without having to actually endure the pain of making your own mistakes. We spoke to dozens of experts — seasoned entrepreneurs, early-stage investors, venture capitalists, and … Continued